Friday, December 22, 2006

IAW9 - Lakeview Event Audio (12-14-06)

IAW9 - "Essence of Divinity"
A Special Interfaith Awareness Week Dialogue Event
Recorded as six audio tracks on 12-14-06 at the Lakeview Branch of Madison
Public Library in Madison, WI

Available for podcasting/download only

#1 of 6 tracks - 07:38
Amit Mangar, American Hindu Association, opened the session and, as event
coordinator, asked Rev Fr John Brian Paprock to read the City of Madison
Mayoral Proclamation of the 9th Annual Interfaith Awareness Week

#2 of 6 tracks - 17:07
Dennis Jenkyns, Madison Area Baha'i Center, gave a Baha'i perspective
(Amit Mangar introduction)

#3 of 6 tracks - 17:25
Rev. Shirley Funk, pastor at Lakeview Lutheran Church, gave a Christian
perspective, followed by some short comments by Rev. Fr. John-Brian Paprock,
priest of Holy Transfiguration Orthodox Church (Amit Mangar introduction)

#4 of 6 tracks - 18:22
Amit Mangar, American Hindu Association - Madison, gave a Hindu perspective
(Rev. John-Brian Paprock introduction)

#5 of 6 tracks - 13:12
Salih Erschen from the Madison Dawa Circle and one of the founders of the
Eastside Masjid gave a Muslim perspective (Amit Mangar introduction)

#6 of 6 tracks - 12:32
Rev Cheraga Sara Perkins of the Sufi Order of Madison and two other members
of "Women With Wings" sang and chanted in her presentation which closed the
event (Amit Mangar introduction)


Blogger Edward Ott said...

what a great event. I only hope that we can manage to organize something like that in Baton Rouge.

2:26 AM  

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