Sunday, December 07, 2008


During Interfaith Awareness Week, for the 7th year running, the holiday tree will be joined by displays of World Religions in Wisconsin. Representatives from the religious tradition take on the responsibility of presenting their faith tradition in the capitol rotunda. This year, over 20 displays will be up from December 8 through December 12. Set up will begin first thing Monday morning. Here is a list of probable displays – in no particular order.

This year, the Interfaith Awareness Week displays are:

11th Annual Interfaith Awareness Week Proclamations*
American Hindu Association – Wisconsin*
Beloved Community*
Christian Science
Deer Park Tibetan Buddhist Center
Dialogue International*
Episcopal Church in Wisconsin
Greater Madison Interreligious Association*
Multifaith Calendar by Inroads Interfaith Ministry*
Native American
Orthodox Christianity in Wisconsin*
Presbyterian Church in Wisconsin
Roman Catholic Church in Wisconsin
Sufi Order of the West
Unitarian Universalist
United Methodist Church in Wisconsin*
Unity of Wisconsin
Yuletide by Circle Sanctuary and other area Pagan groups*

(*installed before 10am 12-08-08; others may have been installed since)

In addition, we acknowledge the “Holiday Tree;” the Freedom from Religion Foundation Solstice declaration; the Dane County Evangelicals Jesus declaration and the Hanukkah Menorah (which may be in the capitol at toward end of the month) that inspire and complement the intent and purpose of Interfaith Awareness Week.


Blogger willow said...

If more people realised that we are all special in God's eyes then that could only be a good thing. These events are a step in that direction. Tankyou all for putting this to-gether.

Man's ego likes to think it is more special than the next person creating a holier than thou attitude for many religous and spiritual groups and individuals. It's time to step off your pedestal and open your heart and mind and join the real spiritual fellowship.

4:43 AM  

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