Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Take the Vow Program - March 21, 2009 at Joyful Path Healing Center

There is a global movement called "I Take the Vow." It is a collaborative effort begun by several peace-creating organizations that has recently gained significant momentum. The basic idea is that participants can either individually or collectively take a vow of non-violence in body, speech, and mind and continue to participate by engaging with like-minded community and getting at least two others to participate and take the vow as well. Please see the website below for more details.

Joyful Path is a Buddhist monastery, Healing Center, and Dharma hall in Blue Mounds, Wisconson established nearly one year ago. The founders of Joyful Path, a group of 5 monastic ordained, have made a commitment this year to host five vow ceremonies at the Healing Center, and each one is to be led by a spiritual leader of a different tradition. They will be including the Christian, Buddhist, Native American/Shamanistic, Quaker, and possibly Jewish Traditions, at a minimum in these series of ceremonies throughout the year.

Inroads Ministry director and Orthodox Christian priest, Fr. John-Brian Paprock, is honored to participate in this unique program to help build a new kind of peace. As a spiritual leader, he will give a commentary on the meaning of the vow and of true nonviolence in body, speech, and mind, and would then lead and serve as a witness to the taking of the vow. Fr. John-Brian was recommended to Joyful Path as a representative of the Christian Faith, based upon his commentaries and involvements.

"I Take the Vow - Committing to Non-violence" with Father John Brian will be held at the Joyful Path Healing Center Saturday, March 21, 2009 from 10am until 1pm. The center is located at 11000 Division Street, Blue Mounds, Wisconsin

The event is open to anyone.

For more information about the center information and programs:

please visit their website: www.joyfulpathhealing.com

email: events@joyfulpathhealing.com

phone: 608-437-0520


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