Friday, December 11, 2009

Middleton Interfaith: Christianity is an Eastern Religion

The warmth of neighbors on the night after a blizzard. Several of the original panelists could not or did not make the 4th Annual Good Neighbor Interfaith Celebration and Gathering. Cider and cookies and a warm conversation ensued. The small group decided by consensus to proceed with the evening, having Alderperson Gurdip Brar, also a Sikh, to read the Middleton proclamation of interfaith awareness week. Rev. Fr. John-Brian Paprock, Orthodox priest, was encouraged to give his presentation (less formally) on the topic nonetheless. Krishna Sijapati, of the Hindu Dharma Circle, responded with some questions and comments as did Gurdip, Teresa Paprock and Christopher River Paprock, who is a senior at Middleton High School. He also took the photo. The photo includes Radha Sijapati who took notes.

It was agreed to record the session which lasted about one hour.



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