Saturday, May 29, 2010

the religion-racism paradox

Ecumenical News International News Highlights
28 May 2010

US study analyses 'the religion-racism paradox'

New York (ENI). A recent study analysing a half century of research and data
on race and religion in the United States has concluded that religious
belief does not inoculate believers from racial prejudice - a finding its
authors call "the religion-racism paradox". The study is entitled, "Why
Don't We Practice What We Preach? A Meta-Analytic Review of Religious
Racism," One of conclusion of the study is that religious racism "partly
reflects intergroup dynamics," the study. News about the study is carried by Such racism, "arises because religions are social
groups," said Wendy Wood, a social psychologist who teaches at the
University of Southern California and one of the authors of the study, which
was first released in February. [467 words, ENI-10-0360]

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