Friday, December 03, 2010

The World of Faith Traditions Displayed at the Capitol

The Interfaith Awareness Week displays in the Capitol rotunda for December 5-10, 2010 
(previous year picture above) 
  1. 13th Annual Interfaith Awareness Week Proclamations
  2. American Hindu Association – Wisconsin
  3. Baha'i
  4. Beloved Community
  5. Benedictine Women
  6. Deer Park Tibetan Buddhist Center
  7. Dialogue International
  8. Eckankar
  9. Episcopal Church in Wisconsin
  10. Greater Madison Interreligious Association
  11. Islam – Madison Dawa Circle
  12. Lubar Institute for the Study of Abrahamic Religions
  13. Multifaith Calendar by Inroads Interfaith Ministry
  14. Orthodox Christianity in Wisconsin
  15. Presbyterian Church in Wisconsin
  16. Roman Catholic Church in Wisconsin
  17. Sikh
  18. Sufi Order of the West
  19. Unitarian Universalist
  20. United Methodist Church in Wisconsin
  21. Unity of Wisconsin
  22. Yuletide by Circle Sanctuary and other area Pagan groups
In addition, Interfaith Awareness Week acknowledges the “Holiday Tree;” the Freedom from Religion Foundation Solstice declaration; the Dane County Evangelicals Jesus declaration and the Hanukkah Menorah (which was discontinued last year, but may return under different leadership this week) that inspire and complement the intent and purpose of Interfaith Awareness Week.


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