Wednesday, January 12, 2011

An Interfaith Holiday Season: Interfaith Awareness Week 2010

An Interfaith Holiday Season
Interfaith Awareness Week at the Capitol

WTDY - 1670 AM Radio, Madison, Wisconsin
by Lindsay Adjavor, news reporter -

Originally four segments aired December 20-23, 2010 during the 12:30pm hour and the 5:30pm hour on WDTY - Madison 1670 AM

Listen to the four segment as a single ~17 minute podcast or streaming audio which features Rev. Fr. John-Brian Paprock, Rev. Anne Wynne, Ken-Adi Ring, Rev. Selena Fox, and Dr. Charles Cohen as well as the Call to Prayer chant from Dialogue International.

Podcast Title: Interfaith Society
Podcast RSS Feed:

OR Listen to the AUDIO STREAM, here:

You can also listen to each segment separately through these links - these pages include the anchor lead for each segment, written by Lindsay Adjavor, which will give you more of the original airing.

PART 1 aired 12-20-10:
PART 2 aired 12-21-10:
PART 3 aired 12-22-10:
PART 4 aired 12-23-10:

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