Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hindus in U.S. raise awareness of Diwali

Ecumenical News International News Highlights
26 October 2011

Hindus in U.S. raise awareness of Diwali

Washington, D.C. (ENInews)--The holiday of Diwali is celebrated this week by
Hindus all over the world, including an estimated two million in the United
States. Many Hindus in the U.S. say Americans don't know what Diwali is all
about and they're working to change that, Religion News Service reports.
They're encouraging fellow Hindus to be a little more open about their
celebrations -- to tell friends, colleagues and their children's teachers
that Diwali is a big deal within Hinduism, the world's third largest
religion. For starters, it's a celebration of the Hindu New Year, like Rosh
Hashanah's commemoration of the Jewish New Year, with a festival of lights
thrown in. On a deeper level, Diwali celebrates the triumph of good over
evil. [624 words, ENI-11-0579]

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