Thursday, December 27, 2012

How to Leave a Legacy of Love




     Give Love Away as Your Legacy of 2012-2013

legacy of love On January 19, 2012 we posted a reflection on our blog site in which we encouraged readers to grow in love as their legacy of 2012. Can you list some specific, concrete ways in which you have chosen love over indifference? Love over annoyance? We ask because there is less than a week left in 2012.

If you have not yet deliberately left love (or enough love) in the world this year, there still is time. Go to our latest website blog entry, Your Unfolding Love Story Continued, to read quick tips on how you can get started or grow your legacy of love for 2012. And consider a New Year's resolution to leave a legacy of love in 2013.

Forgiveness Story Triggers Flood of Gift-Giving    
Free groceries and Christmas gifts are piling up for a Nova Scotia, man who forgave the thief who ran off with his turkey dinner and presents. Frank (Mike) Foley went shopping last Wednesday but a thief broke into his car and stole the groceries and gifts he had just bought. Instead of calling the police, Foley posted a message on his Facebook page forgiving the intruder.

Foley says he has not heard from the thief, but he has received more than 1,000 emails, phone calls and visits from generous people bearing groceries and gift cards. He keeps
True Forgivenesstelling them it's not necessary. "They keep saying, 'You know what, we want to do this for you,'" Foley said, "and it's so overwhelming." 

Read the full account of this heartwarming story and more than 100 other true stories of true forgiveness in the Forgiveness News section of our website. And remember that it can be Christmas year-round when you keep giving the gift of forgiveness.
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