Wednesday, December 05, 2007

IAW-10 FRIDAY December 14, 2007

Madison Muslim Dawa Circle Open House

Event topic: Prophecy - One Message to All

As a part of the Interfaith Awareness Week The Madison Muslim Dawa Circle 2617 E. Washington Ave. invites you to share in understanding the value of Prophetic Tradition. December 14th 2007 @ 6:30pm. This is a chance to see a masjid (Islamic prayer hall) for yourself. Come join us for an evening of refreshments and conversation. The night prayer will be @ 7:00. A short discourse on the topic of prophethood will be presented around 7:15. Q&A and general interaction into the night.......

6:30pm, 2617 East Washington Avenue, Madison 242-9937

Madison Mulsim Dawa Circle

(Part of the 10th Annual Interfaith Awareness Week)


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