Tuesday, March 11, 2008

IAW Committee meets

Taken at an event during IAW 10 (December 2007), pictured left to right are Nancy Korn (Middleton Baha'i Community), Dennis Jenkyns (Monona Baha'i Community), Anne Wynne (Wisconsin Satsang, Greater Madison Inter-religious Association), Fr John-Brian Paprock (Holy Trnsfiguration Orthodox Mission, Inroads Ministry), Amit Mangar holding his son (Wisconsin Hindu Association). Not pictured are Fikrula Kisa (Dialogue International), Sara Perkins (Women with Wings), Selena Fox (Circle Sanctuary), and Salih Erschen (Madison Dawa Circle).
The Interfaith Awareness Week committee will be meeting March 25, 2008 to review last year's efforts and make plans for 2008. Feedback and comments are appreciated. If you want to be involved, contact us.


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