Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Dialogue International: "Peace in Diversity, Chaos and Life in the 21st Century"

Peace in Diversity, Chaos and Life in the 21st Century
Rev. Fr. John Brian Paprock
May 1, 2008

Speaker: Fr. John Brian Paprock is the priest and vicar of Holy Transfiguration Orthodox Mission Chapel in Madison , WI . Fr. Paprock was ordained to the Orthodox priesthood in 1987 and continues to serve as a chaplain at area hospitals and hospice.

Topic: God’s world, the natural world and the world of human living seem to work against each other. This talk asked how we can find the way of peace in the diversity, chaos and high-powered life in this century. What is the same and what is different from the age of the scriptures, the moment of creation and this present time? Who made this mess? Why is it allowed?



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