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Faith and Interfaith in the Middle East - ENI Highlights, June 20, 2012

Ecumenical News International News Highlights 20 June 2012

Jerusalem councilwoman proposes interfaith forum for women

Jerusalem (ENInews)--A Jerusalem city councilwoman said she will work
towards creating a forum of women under the city's auspices that would cut
across religious lines in order to fight growing religious extremism.
"It is essential for women to cooperate," said Rachel Azaria, speaking at a
discussion on 18 June during the 21st annual conference of the
Interreligious Coordinating Council for Israel (ICCI), which promotes
interreligious dialogue and peace. Azaria identifies herself as an Orthodox
Jew and has served on the Jerusalem city council since 2008 as a member of
the pluralistic Jerusalemite Party. [424 words, ENI-12-0357]

Christian-Muslim peace summit underway in Beirut

Beirut (ENInews)--A three-day Christian-Muslim peace conference is underway
in Beirut, with delegates citing chaotic Egyptian elections, armed conflict
in Syria and tension between Israel and Iran contributing to a sense of
urgency. Ayatollah Seyyed Mohammad-Ali Taskhiri, the highest ranking
clergyman among Iran's representatives, urged the dozens of religious
leaders, representing nearly all strains of Christianity and Islam, to
envision "the heaven and passion of coexistence," adding that "dialogue was
born with humanity itself." The conference opened on 18 June, Episcopal News
Service reports. It is the second Christian-Muslim peace summit organized by
the Episcopal Washington (D.C.) National Cathedral, former diocesan bishop
John Chane and the Rev. John L. Peterson, director of the cathedral's Center
for Global Justice and Reconciliation. [782 words, ENI-12-0358]

Faith groups concerned about civilians trapped in Homs, Syria

Geneva (ENInews)--UN envoys, faith leaders and humanitarian groups,
intensified international efforts 20 June to secure safe passage for about
800 Syrian civilians, half of whom are Sunni Muslims and half Christians,
trapped in Homs, Syria by armed combat between government and opposition
forces. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said it and the
Syrian Arab Red Crescent "are attempting to evacuate and otherwise assist
people stranded ... by the ongoing fighting" between rebels and forces loyal
to President Bashar al-Assad. [250 words, ENI-12-0360]

Nun and pastor risk staying in Homs, Syria to care for nursing home

(ENInews)--Reformed church representatives say there is concern for the
safety of an 80-year old nun and a Protestant pastor working in a church-run
nursing home for elderly people in the Syrian town of Homs. Sister Valentine
and the Rev. Mofid Karajaili have chosen to stay with residents of the
Evangelical Centre for the Elderly in the Bab Sbaa neighborhood despite
escalating violence between government and opposition forces in the city,
according to people with knowledge of the situation. [328 words,

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