Tuesday, September 17, 2013

~The View from Inside Syria~

 ~The View from Inside Syria~

From: Tamimi
Sent: 09/06/13 01:30 PM
~The View from Inside Syria~



"In my city of Homs it was a very beautiful peaceful city. We were Christians, Muslims from many religions living together. My best friend was Suni. And other one Allawi. Not a time we thought about religion except when marriage. And now my peaceful city is almost dead.

All the old beautiful ancient Mosque and churchs was destroyed. My city had a great history, her name was Ammessa. And the Roman emperor Karakala was born from a Homsi lady. Her name was Julia Doumna. Same story goes on other cites like Allepo. It is an old Roman city used to be her old name was Beroia.

The history of my beloved Syria goes back to 4000 BC. This heritage belongs to all Universe not only to us!!....

Excuse my language and my stress.

My word is crying and screaming. But what to do alone? I am only one Syrian lady from 23 million Syrians. If I keep fighting with love for peace to spread peace again can I ?

No one is perfect..

I think we should take the opinion of those who's still there, inside Syria waiting for outside strike. My husband, my two brothers, my mom and dad, my cousins- all my family and my best friends are still there.

I think outside leaders says you should use the military attack, but go there or imagine that one of your family member are still there!

They are waiting for the international investigators to go out of Syria to start the strike !!!!!! Are the investigators humans and my people not? I was living there for 37 years and I just came to foreign lands.

We were living all of us together- Christians, Muslims (Allawi, Suni, Dourzi) all of us together as a big family like Damascus mosaic.

Many very good honest people. If your personal family are there will you do the attack and risk their life?? Why do they want to kill the Syrian people twice??!!!!!!

Please help to bring peace to Syrian people, not more war. This is a word of one person but a feelings from thousands and thousands. You want to fight? Who will fight with us for a gunless world? To do this we need huge amount of humanity in the gun factory's heart."

~Lama Abboud
Citizen of Homs, Syria


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