Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Interfaith Awareness Week 16 - 2013 - Part 2

(listen here or podcast below)
Part 2

"Wherever You Are, God is"
Creative Arts (singing group from Madison Eckankar) ~3.5 minutes

dan deforest plays native american flute
lisa kelly offers baha'i prayer
Interfaith Awareness Week proclamations on display
photos and collages by JBP c 2013
 Baha'i Prayer
Lisa Kelly - Madison Baha'i ~2.5 minutes

"Call of the Wolf/Soul, Cry of Wolf/Spirit"
Dan Deforest, Native American Flute ~5 minutes

selena fox gives celebration theme address
photos and collages by JBP c 2013
"Celebrating the Gratitude - Our Connection to the Divine"
Reverend Selena Fox, Circle Sanctuary ~18 minutes

don carl quixote landness and luann bailey talk creativity
photos and collages by JBP c 2013
Closing - We are the World
Carl Landness and Luann Bailey ~5 minutes

closing sing-a-long
photos and collages by JBP c 2013
Sing-a-long ~10 minutes
End of 12th Annual Capitol Celebration of Interfaith Awareness Week in Wisconsin

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