Monday, September 13, 2010

Be inspired by the world's top peacebuilders

From: Mark Mancao <>

Dear Friends:

We are truly delighted to invite you to PeaceWeek, a global telesummit we
are co-sponsoring that features more than 50 groundbreaking and inspiring
peacebuilders - all for free!

Click here to find out more

This extraordinary event is the largest virtual peace summit ever created.
It will offer you profound insights to create peace in your life, your
family, your community and our world.

It promises to be an unprecedented journey of personal growth and collective
change, as well as an opportunity to come together with people from around
the world who deeply care about the future of our planet and the potential
for humanity to make a profound shift beyond violence

We are excited to participate in dozens of teleseminars during PeaceWeek with leaders such as the
13 Indigenous Grandmothers, Dr. A. T. Ariyaratne, Rep. Dennis Kucinich,
Aqeela Sherrils, Shiva Rea, and Ambassador John McDonald. You'll hear about
groundbreaking work from Israel to Sri Lanka to Watts, as well as emerging
innovations such as a Peace Academy or the Youth Promise Act.

And you'll get free access to the entire PeaceWeek library of calls to
inspire you for years to come (and share with friends and allies).

You can participate live on as many calls as you like and interact with both
the leaders and other participants via a state-of-the-art MaestroConference
platform, which will connect you to people from around the world. Or even if
you can't make live calls, go ahead and register and you can listen to any
of the recordings later.

PeaceWeek begins Sept. 14th and culminates on the UN International Day of
Peace (Sept. 21st) as a free offering from The Shift Network and The Peace

Click here for details

Please do share this invitation with friends and allies - all are warmly
welcomed to participate. We look forward to joining together with you to
help create the shift to a culture of peace!

United Religions Initiative

P.S. PeaceWeek gives you
personal access to many inspiring leaders:
13 Indigenous Grandmothers, Dr. A.T. Ariyaratne, Michael Bernard Beckwith,
Rep. Dennis Kucinich, Swamiji Chidananda Sarasawati, Elza Maalouf, Aqeela
Sherrills, Don Beck, Said Dawlabani, Ambassador John McDonald, Susan
Collins-Marks, Malidoma Some, Shiva Rea, Sat Santokh, Sharif Abdullah,
Corinne McLaughlin, Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb, Jakada Imani, James O'Dea, Judith
Thompson, Mark Gerzon, Dot Maver, Johan Galtung, Sam Daley-Harris, Cassandra
Vieten, Lawrence Ellis, Avon Mattison, Rich Dutra-St. John, Yvonne Dutra-St.
John, Louise Diamond, Lynne McMullen, Joseph McCormick, Kimmie Weeks,
Shaykha Ayshegul Ashki, Howard Martin, Deborah Rozman, Rick Ulfik, Chic
Dambach, Lisa Schirch, Trish Jones, Steve Killelea, Georgia Kelley, Juan
Pacheco, Eliyahu McLean, Shireen Najjar, Marilyn King, Jim Channon, Ltc.
Retired, John B. Alexander, Col., Retired, Fred Johnson, Alli Chagi-Starr,
Audri Scott Williams, Lauren Abramson, Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee, Nicole Lee,
Chris Deckker, Stephen Dinan, Christine Carter, Nick Angotti, Melanie St.
James, Aaron Voldman, Yitzhak Mendelsohn, Ibrahim Abuelhawa, Jiries Mansour.

Series Co-sponsors:
The Shift Network, The Peace Alliance, Pathways to Peace, PeaceDay.TV,
Praxis Peace Institute, Student Peace Alliance, MaestroConference -
MaestroPath, The Shift Movie, Alliance for Peacebuilding, A Million Minutes
for Peace, EarthDance, Summer of Peace, Dalai Lama Foundation, Aikido Peace
Week - Aiki Extensions, CorStone, Peace on Earth Film Festival, Samadhi
Life, Global Oneness Project, We, the World, Global Summit, Compassionate
Action Network, Four Years. Go, National Yoga Month, The Global Mala
Project, Jerusalem Peacemakers, One Peace Jerusalem, Humanity's Team, The
Center for Sacred Studies, Peace X Peace, RESULTS.


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