Saturday, September 18, 2010

Human Rights are God Given Rights - A Baha'i Interfaith Event in Madison

Human Rights are God Given Rights - A Baha'i Interfaith Event was held on September 14, 2010 at the Madison Baha'i Center.  Here are the highlights with some links for those that could not make the event.

1. Dennis Jenkyns opened the event with a prayer for humanity by Abdu'l Baha and then welcomed everyone to the Madsion Baha'i Center

2. After introducing the Baha'i event and some of the people of different faiths represented, he introduced Fr John-Brian Paprock who gave an Interfaith Reflection Statement for the Madison event (read here).

3. Dennis then played a short film: Persepolis 2 - Safeguard the Innocent

4. Spiritual Kinship by Dr V V Raman was read by Pat Kershner

5. A brief history of persecution of Baha'i Community in Iran was read by Elaine Andrews and Ellie Jacobi

6. The story about Muhammad Mansouri, father of Madison Baha'i Shohreh Moldehauer was told. Followed by a beautiful Perisan chant.

7. Human Rights are God Given Rights, the statement by the Baha'i International Community, was read by Judy Amburn

8. Remover of Difficulties, a prayer converted into song, was played with Arabic and English subtitles.

9. The audience had good questions and statements about the events as well as some ideas about keeping the imprisoned Yaran in people's awareness until they are released.

10. The event closed with beautiful music by Oraea Varis. Refreshemnts and conversation continued afterwards.


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